SØNTH collective and Crush String Collective 

Open scores made from the principles of the programming language COBOL

Composed by Sofie Søe and Cecilie Penney

Golden Days Festival, Blågården, 2022
  Photos by Johanne Teglgård Olsen

SØNTH x Depot Radio

SØNTH collective
Radio show and live performance

SØNTH collective presents

Sorte Firkant Musikfestival 
Brorsons Kirke

Performances by Excelsior, Cecilie Penney, ALOO and Rome in Reverse
Visuals by SLØR Visual Performance

Photo by Mia Rewitz

Harmony AI

Interactive choir piece
Video projections, sound and arduino sensors

Luftkys art group

HAUT, Sort/Hvid scene, 2018

Rotor2, Gothenburg, 2018

Instamoment No. 1

Sound and wired bananas

Luftkys art group

Photos by Mia Rewitz

Institut for X, Godsbanen Aarhus, 2018